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Tips for PPDT in Screening test of SSB Interview

SSBInsights Team
02 Nov 2017

Read OIR and Story writing for PPDT in Screening

Please Read above link for OIR and Story Writing story.
After successfully writing of Story now its a time for Narration and Discussion Test.

Candidates in the group of 15-22 will be called for the discussion. Candidates will be made seated in the semi circle like in the below picture 


Picture of PPDT at SSB Allahabad taken from internet

The GTO will Elaborate the procedure for the Narration and Discussion of Story (Listen Carefully to him as he giving you the right way to perform in the test).

Each Candidate will start the narration from the start to the in the sequence means from chest no 1 to last candidate of the group.

Is position of a candidate in semi circle really matters?

Many Candidates thinks that corner positions are better then the center ones. (the only idea behind this is if a candidate is at the corner he has to move his head less compare to the center ones and this boosts there confidence.) 

But the position really doesnt matter so dont loose your confidence if got the first seat in the row . Or the Last seat.

How to start Story Narration -

For first candidate - you knows that you will be the first to speak up and because of that you start repeating your story in mind by ignoring the Instruction of Officer (This will help less but if a Officer catched you which he will definetely get . Then this will give bad impression to him) so dont repeat.

Just have Faith in yourself the story will go smooth.

 For the rest candidate -

you know that you have time why not utilize it by revising your story (This is the Mistake most of candidate do in PPDT)

Stop revising your story from the time you have entered in the hall have faith in you .

Most Important - 

When your turn comes dont hurry up by saying good marning gentleman........

Take a small breath. Bring smile on your face and start smoothly then everything will go smoothly .

Tips - Dont move your head very fast just be calm and narrate your story slowly .

When you are about to complete the narration conclude your story smoothly do not end your story abruptly .

Discussion -

When everyone is narrating there story listen to them and make small crisp conclusion of where the most of the group is going. If while Narration most of the people are going on one track then remember the chest no which will be helpful in discussion.

When Narrations of the group is completed total 3-4 stories will be there you can use any of them in the discussion.

In the Discussion if you are confident and able to speak up then only go for Initiation. It is not neccessary to Initiate in discussion. Just try to be one the first 3-4 candidate to participate. 

Tip - Dont Stuck up on the number of character their gender and mood. Most of the group wastes their time on discussing this. If you think their your group is also going towards that path then try to deviate the group by giving the theme of the story.

Most Important -

Do not Start behaving like a manager of the group you are their to partcipate not to manage the group. 

 If You are a good orator thats very good but do not use your skill to dominate in the grouo because that will be not going to help you. 

Speak when you have valid points to add do not repeat the same line which you have priviously spoke or other candidate already spoked.

Dont speak just to speak try to be a part of the group listening is also one of the most important trait required in the officer.

When the discussion is going to the end the officera may or may not tell the group to conclude the story. If officer told to do so help the group to nominate the candidate who is really a good orator and if you are the one put your proposal in front of the group  . and if the group selects you narrate the conclusion.

At last when you are told to go stand up properly and move out. 

Thats it from your side Have a good lunch and for your result .

Best of Luck.

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