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Insights of Screening Test of SSB Interview

SSBInsights Team
01 Nov 2017

Some of the SSB Interview Centers call candidates one day Before There Scheduled Interview and Some call Candidates Early Morning at 6:00 or 7:00.
Centers who call Candidates one day Earlier do Documents verification on Day 0 Other Boards do Document Verification on Day 1 Itself.
Now I am Coming to the question like What is Screening Test , How it is Conducted and What a Candidate can do to increase its chance to get Screened in.
What is Screening Test and How it Is Conducted
Screening Test is Divided in two parts
First - OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating ) Or Intelligence Test
    I called it a Test Because Its a  Question Answer Test and Every Question has only one correct Answer.
It is Conducted to check the Intelligence of a candidate. If a Candidate has Average or Higher Intelligence they Accept It . 
Actually there is Big Importance of Intelligence In an Officers Life. A candidate Must Be Able to Solve Basic Aptitude Problems and Verbal and Non Verbal Questions.
In Intelligence Test two tests are conducted - One is Verbal and Second is Non Verbal.
But in Some Boards Both Tests Includes Verbal and Non Verbal Together.
This is the Time Bound Test you have to be very quick in this test so that no question will be left unattempted.
There is no Negative Marking in the test Even you can change your response to a question by Cutting it and writing correct answer beside it.
The timing is given by the invigilator and it changes according to the type of booklet they provide . Some Booklets having those are having 50 questions will be given 30 minutes of time of each test.
This is very straight forward test means the more a candidate score in the test the better is the chance to get screened in.

Second - PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) 
    Really Speaking This is the most Important Test of the Candidates SSB Journey you can only show your potential to officer In Next 4 days only if you get through.
Now Coming to the Question how PPDT is conducted - After the Intelligence test Candidates have a Break and after they will be called again in the same room.
The Psychologist Officer Comes and Explain the Whole Procedure of PPDT. (Tip - Listen to the Officer Actually he is not only explaining you the procedure of the test but he is Explaining you how to Perform and behave in the test.) If you listen to the Officer Carefully you will Actually get the Way how  to Perform in the PPDT.
So  The PPDT Consists of Picture Perception and a Discussion Test.

Picture perception and Story Writing  - In This the candidates will be shown Shown a Very Hazzy and dark Picture. 
The Timings  - The Picture Will be Shown for excactly 30 seconds (Tip - Please Do not Start Writing picture In this 30 Seconds Time ) Carefully Percieve the Picture. Not only the central Character also look for the Situation Around him like -
  • Do the Scene is of a Office, Village, Home ,School , Park , Public, Jungle, Mountain, River) 
  • How Many People are there 
  • What are the Genders of the People on whom i am focussing
  • What is the Age of character or Age Group of the Group shown.
  • How the characters appear Are the Happy , Normal or Tensed.
  • What are the gesture of the characters.
  • Is there something in there hand
  • What is the uniform they are wearing.
  • Have You been in this Situation before
  • What will you do to solve the problem shown
  • Do the Story you are thinking Really matches the picture or you just read or heard the story before and trying to fit in the Picture
  • Is the Actions Are practical can a normal human achieve it 
  • Do the Goals i have decided is really achievable in your capacity
  • Do the Action i am thinking to solve the problem will really solve the problem
  • Very Important ( Do the Final Outcome of the Story is positive)

When you think that i have got a write story for the picture then start writing.

1 Minute will be given to candidate to Write the Characters details and Action of the Story.

The officer will tell how you should write the characters details inside the given box Listen to him carefully and do exsctly the same.

For Writing Action part write what you have  seen in the picture in one or max two line.

Understand that you have a full page to write story separately so dont write detailed action. Write short Action with clear message.

Your Action may or may not give the assense of your story so  dont waste much of your time on thinking of Action.

Now you have got your story in your mind and you have described characters and the action of your story.

Now the story part. A candidate will be given 4 mins to write the story.

You will be given Half page to write your story and Officer Also tells you that you can also write on the next page ( You have only 4 mins to write a story so try to write  short and crisp stories )

(Tip - Do not look into others sheet because you are not going to ger any idea and if by chance you get it then also you can't write story in the rest of the time. This may hamper your image in front of assessing officer  )

when stop bell rings stop as early as possible and put your pen down.

and be happy as you have completed one more task :)

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