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UPSC CDSE Preparation Strategy (Topic Wise)

SSBInsights Team
22 Oct 2017

Many of candidates do not use the right strategy to prepare for Combined Defence Services Examination and failed to clear Exam.

SSBInsights gives you one strategy to clear CDSE in  1 month.

CDSE is devided in three major parts General Knowledge , English & Mathematics (which is optional for OTA ).

Most of the candidates lacks in GK section and if you got below 20 % in any subject you will not be able to clear exam.

By closely following the pattern of CDSE for years SSBInsights found that some topics has more weightage and worthy of reading than all topics. If a candidate lack in GK he can just get cutoff marks in GK and perform good in other subjects to get through the total cutoff.

So here's the topic to focus in General Knowledge

1. Indian Polity -  It is one of the most Important topic having weightage of 20-25 questions.        

  • Constitution of India - Features borrowed from foreign Constitutions , Important Articles , Important Ammendments , Fundamental Rights , Legal Rights.
  • President of India - Executive & Judicial Powers of President , Election of President , Removal (Impeachment)  etc.
  • Judiciary  - Supreme court of India( Its power and Area of jurisdiction ) , High Courts of India (Their power and Area of Jurisdiction) , Lokpal and Lokayukt , Lok Adalat , PIL(Public Interest Litigation) , CAT (Central Administrative Turbunal) , E-Courts.

2. Indian Geography - It is next most Important but vary vast topic in CDSE its weightage is 25-30 questions. We have provided Selected topics here -

  • Ores & Minerals 
  • Oil Mills
  • Lakes of India
  • Rivers ,  Tributaries and there directions
  • Clouds
  • Longitude and Lattitude
  • Islands of India 
  • States Comparisions by Population and Area

3. Indian History - History is the biggest topic having 3 modules Ancient Indian History, Middle Indian History and Modern Indian History (Struggle for Freedom)

    The most important part in the Indian history is Modern India History so you Mainly focus on modern india history.

4. Military Knowledge - Basic knowledge of Indian armed forces is required here

  •    Ranks and Their Equivalent counterparts in Other Force
  •    Commands of Indian Army , Navy , Airforce (with Tri Service Theatre Command) and Regiments

5. Current Affairs - Current Affairs has no boundary the more you study the better it will for you not only for CDSE but it will also help you in SSB Interview.

    Some of the current Affairs area we Suggests you to cover is - 

  •     Awards - Books (Noble Prize , Man Booker Prize and Pulitzer prize etc.) , Indian Padma Awards (Padma Bhushan , Vibhushan , Shri ) , Achievements of Indian Sports Players.
  •     Government Welfare Schemes
  •     International Trades of India (Bilateral, Trilateral) and FDI

6. Applied Science - It Combines the syllabus of Physics , Chemistry and Biology . Honestly If you have Science Background or you have interests in science then only you study this topic otherwise          Leave it. It is very vast topic and constitute to 25-30 questions.

So thats it for General knowledge.

Next Paper is English- This the comparatively Easiest and Scoring Subject in CDSE. In order to get high marks in this subject you should make a schedule of solving Exercises daily.

Important Topics in English is - 

  •     Reading Comprehension
  •     Spotting errors 
  •     Para jumbles 
  •    Sentence completion
    Note for CDSE English do not prepare Antonyms Synonyms and Idioms , Since two years They are not coming in Paper.

The Book you can use for English is OBJECTIVE GENERAL ENGLISH BY R S AGGARWAL.

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