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Do Officers ward really have an edge over other SSB Candidates.

SSBInsights Team
21 Oct 2017

SSBInsights today presenting its view on the very prominent discussion on SSB Interview Selection.

Coming To the question Do officers ward really have an edge over other SSB Candidates.

Lets start from the very begining an Armed force officer has a very strict disciplined schedules and he always adhere to them no matter where he is Regiment or home.

So he always maintain discipline in his home. So now come to the officers ward , they are grows in disciplined environment, they have been taught the importance of time.

They Live with there father and learns the importance of soldier to his father.

They start culcatting those 15 qualities unknowingly. 

They learn leadership from his father/mother and start taking responsibility by self. 

So lets start counting qualities They live in disciplined so they have discipline quality.

Next comes the leadership he learn from his parents and The Environment they live in.

The most Important trait they start culcating is taking responsibility by their own and this is the quality of which an Interviewing officer never comprise with.

Then comes the trait which he unlnowingly start taking i.e. initiative he knows that taking initiative is not big task its just a hesitation inside us nothing else.

iam not counting social adaptability here because its also opposite of hesitation , If one not hesitate he eventually becomes social adpatable it just require a initiative to talk and boldness to continue thats it.

Then comes the qualties related to brain or Intelligence , Actually theirs no relation between Intelligence and Environment everyone is intelligent its just the Time you are giving to practice and applying your brain practically.

So now you got that when a officers ward comes for interview then there are somethings that Interviewing officer assumes that the candidate have this. He Just Cross Examining them , And when the new candidate come he start judging them from the very begining.

At the end only if the candidate has these qualities then only he is going to get recommended.

And the most Important thing ssbinsights want to recall that are you doing the same things at home

 Living disciplined life , 

Taking responsibility by yourself , 

Do Not Hesitate to start communication with new people ,

Take initiaitive to take some responsility .

If Answer to all these questions is yes then take a deep and smile you have actually won half of the race.

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