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Original PPDT Pictures from Services selection board.

SSBInsights Team
19 Oct 2017

Picture 1- board Allahabad and Bangalore.

There were total 3 characters in which one is a male doctor and other two are ladies in saree. Ladies werediscussing something with a doctor. The scene is of hospital and doctor is in his outfit with a stethoscope.(I have got this picture twice )

Picture 2 - board Bhopal 3

On a dark blurred sketch of a character appearing as women as long hairs are there.The scene is looking like of mountain because the character had a climbing tool in his hand.

Picture 3 - board Dehradun 1 AFSB

Two characters were shown both are looking as male and seated on the floor. Some big planks of wood are on the floor. Looking like a scene of carpenter workshop. 

Picture 4 - board Bangalore 12 SSB

A crowd is shown but the focus is on two characters in which one is an old lady looking bit tensed and the other is a young male in black suit with a briefcase in hand. They both are walking together.

Picture 5 - board Allahabad 

A popular picture of a group of people taking a jet model and walking up on mountain

Picture 6 - board Allahabad 

A dark blurred sketch is shown in which the scene is looking like women is seeing outside a window. Or it can also be perceived as a woman is painting something on a board.

Picture 7 - board Allahabad             

Total 3 characters were shown in which all were appearing as males. The scene was looking like of a desert area because one male has a Pot (Matka) in his hand.Many candidates in the group had made a story on drought, but one person has made a totally different story on art in which one person is making Pot (Matka)  of different design and selling them.

Picture 8 - board Bhopal

A scene of the crowd in which one person is focussable which is looking like as he is showing is ID and appealing something. The picture is very dark and blurred.


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