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5 Days Procedure at SSB Interview

SSBInsights Team
11 Oct 2017

SSB is a five days packed interview consisting of different types of tests.

It moves around the three most important Sanskrit words “Manasa” , “Vacha” ,” Karmana” . “Manasa” (thoughts) –

It refers to the mind, means how you think “Vacha” (Speech) – It refers to the speech, means how effectively you are speaking “Karmana” (Actions) – Means how you act By combining all three SSB checks that is there similarity between what you think , speak and do.

Day 1 :- [Stage 1 Screening Test ]

It consists of two test

1. Intelligence Test – This is the simple test of logic / analytical aptitude based on which an intelligence rating ranging from I to V is awarded to the candidates which is based on the number of total correct answers. It is but obvious that a candidate with higher intelligence rating will benefit in the entire process of testing and in the merit also.

2. Picture Perception and Discussion Test – This is the most important test in the screening process because it will all alone decide your selection for next 4 days. This test is further divided in two parts first is the writing of story and second to discuss on the same. Here a picture will be shown to you the picture is not like normal picture it will be dark hazy picture. you have to write a story on it in the pattern of { what lead to situation – what is happening now – what will be the outcome }. I will describe more on this in the TIPS section and my personal experience too.

Day 2 :- [Stage 2 ] It is the first test of Stage II .

Psychology Test It is based on first word “Manasa” means about your thought.It is a battery four consecutive Tests TAT(Thematic Apperception Test) ,

WAT(Word Assosiation Test) ,

SRT(Situation Reaction Test) ,

SD(Self Description).

It is Time Bound Test and requires very active mind.

TAT(Thematic Apperception Test) – There will be 12 consecutive picture like PPDT but this time the pictures will not that hazy. You will be given 30 seconds to perceive the picture and then 4 minutes to write story on it in the same pattern of { what lead to situation – what is happening now – what will be the outcome }. The last picture is blank you have to imagine any picture and write a story on it.

WAT(Word Assosiation Test) – It consist of 60 words. Each word will be flash for 15 seconds in which you have think and write a sentence on that word. Like this the test wil complete in 15 minutes.

SRT(Situational Reaction Test) – There are 60 situations present on which you have to write you reaction in 30 seconds (sometimes the situations may be long so you have to make a habit of understanding sentence in one go and write response). The test will be over in 30 minutes.

SD(Self Description ) – I have not written test here because you just have to write what you know about yourself. In this you have to describe yourself in different relations like What your parents think about you , what your friends think about you , what your teachers think about , what you think of yourself and what you want to become in future. Total 15 minutes will be given for writing 5 paragraphs.

Day 3 – 4 :-

GTO Test It is the second test of stage II.

It is based on the third word “Karmana” means your actions. The whole task is designed to your reactions to particular situation and how easily you get friendly with the group Members.

There will be total nine test in this section.

1. Group Discussion

2. GPE/MPE(Group/Military Planning Exercise )

3. Lecturette

4. PGT(Progressive Group Task)

5. HGT(Half Group Task)

6. GOR(Group Obstacle Race)/Snake Race

7. Individual Obstacles

8. Command Tasks

9. FGT(Final Group Task)

I have explained these tasks in the GTO Section of SSB Tests.

Interview Personal Interview will be Schedule on day 2, 3 or 4 .

It is a one on one interview there will IO (President /Dy President) who will take your interview . Remember the second word “Vacha” the interview is for checking your power of expression.

Day 5 :- Conference It is the last test of SSB In this all the officers of the board will be in a room in there bright uniform to give you a glimpse of your career. The President/Dy President who have taken your interview will talk to you and others will not speak to you unless you are a BORDER LINE case(I will describe it later) .He will ask you some basic questions about your stay in the board , How was the food, Do you have any suggestion or complain of anything in the board. After that you will sent back and wait for results , those who got in will stay further and the rest will come back home. This is just an introduction of SSB specially for fresher candidates to know about SSB .

Detailed information with tips will be given in particular sections.

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