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Gist of Important Winds World Wide for Genral Awareness

SSBInsights Team
10 Nov 2017




  •  Abroholos (Sudden frequent wind that occurs from May through August on the coast of Brazil)
  • Alize (northeasterly across central Africa and the Caribbean)
  • Alizé Maritime (a wet, fresh northerly wind across west central Africa)
  • Amihan (northeasterly wind across the Philippines)
  • Bayamo (a violent wind on Cuba's southern coast)
  • Blizzard Very cold winds in Tundra region
  • Bora (cold dry wind  from eastern Europe to northeastern Italy)
  • Brickfielder Hot wind in Australia
  • Chili     This hot, dry and dusty wind comes from the Sahara desert in Tunisia
  • Chinook (warm dry westerly off the Rocky Mountains) It is also called ‘Snow eater’
  • Etesian (Greek name) or Meltemi (Turkish name) (northerly across Greece and Turkey)
  • Föehn (warm dry southerly off the northern side of the Alps and the North Italy)
  • Fremantle Doctor (afternoon sea breeze from the Indian Ocean which cools Perth, Western Australia during summer)
  • Gregale (northeasterly from Greece)
  • Habagat (southwesterly wind across the Philippines)
  • Harmattan (hot dry northerly wind across central Africa It is also called ‘guinea doctor’)
  • Khamsin (southeasterly from north Africa to the eastern Mediterranean)
  • Khazri (cold north wind in the Azerbaijan Republic)
  • Kona (southeast wind in Hawaii, replacing trade winds, bringing high humidity and often rain)
  • Košava (strong and cold southeasterly season wind in Serbia)
  • Levanter (easterly through Strait of Gibraltar in Spain)
  • Libeccio (southwesterly towards Italy)
  • Marin (south-easterly from Mediterranean to France)
  • Mistral (cold northerly from central France and the Alps to Mediterranean)
  • Nor'easter (a strong storm with winds from the northeast in the eastern United States, especially New England)
  • Nor'wester (A wind that brings rain to the West Coast, and warm dry winds to the East Coast of New Zealand) Within India also during monsoon we get Norwester
  • Pampero,  (cold wind  in the Argentina)
  • Papagayo, a periodic wind which blows across Nicaragua and Costa Rica
  • Punas cold dry wind blowing down towards the western side of Andes
  • Purga Cold wind in Russian tundra
  • Santa Ana  (hot winds in southern California)
  • Simoom (strong, dry, desert wind that blows in the Sahara, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and the desert of Arabia)
  • Sirocco (hot moist wind  from north Africa to southern Europe)
  • Solano This is another name for the Levanter
  • Tramontane (cold northwesterly from the Alps to the Mediterranean, similar to Mistral)
  • Yamo Warm and dry winds in Japan
  • Zonda, winter foehn (a warm, dry wind blowing down the side of a mountain) in Argentina, where it blows from the west across the Andes Mountains.



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