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Previous Year Question of CDSE on Geographical Terms

SSBInsights Team
10 Nov 2017

Geographical Terms

1996 II

1                    Assertion A  Absolute humidity generally declines from the equator towards the pole

Reason R      On a hot summer day air can hold much more moisture than it would on a cold winter day

(a)        (b)        (c)        (d)


1          If the sun rises at Calcutta (80°30’E) at 25 minutes past 6, what will be the time of sunrise at Bombay (72°45’E)?

            (a) 5.54                        (b) 6.56                        (c) 7.56                        (d) 8.56                      

1997 II

1          On which of the following longitudes is the Indian Standard time determined?

            (a) 68 1/2° E    (b) 68 1/2° W  (c)* 82 1/2°E   (d) 82 1/2° W

1999 II

1          The world is divided into

(a) 12 time zones                     (b) 20 time zones                     (c) 24 time zones         (d) 36 time zones

2000 I

1          Consider the data given in the following table:

            Country                                   Standard Meridian

            U K                             00.00

            India                            82.30 E

            Japan                           135.00 E

            Pakistan                                   70.00 E

            Thailand                                  102.00 E

            Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the data given in the above table?

            When standard time in India is

            (a) 10.00 am it is 1.30 pm in Japan                 (b) 11.00 am it is 10.00 am in Pakistan

            (c) 4.00 pm it is 10.00 am in UK                                (d) 2.00 pm it is 1.00 pm in Thailand

2000 II

1          If it is 6.00 am at Greenwich, then it will be 11.00 am at

            (a) 90° E                      (b) 60° E                      (c) 75° E                      (d) 15° W

2001 I

1          When it is 12.00 noon at Delhi (77° 10’ E), people at another place on the earth take their

 6 O’clock morning tea. The longitude of that place is

(a) 17° 30’ E    (b) 12° 50’ W              (c) 172° 30’ E              (d) 17° E  

2002 I

1          When it is 12 noon in India, the time in San Francisco (USA) would be close to

            (a) 11:30 p.m.  (b) 11:30 p.m. of previous day            (c) 8:30 p.m.    (d) 3:30 p. m. of previous day

2005 I

1          If the usual formula for time calculation is applied, what would be the difference between the extreme west and east parts of India?

            (a) 1 hour         (b) 1 ½ hours   (c) 2 hours       (d) 2 ½ hours

 ( Gujarath 68°, Arunachal Pradesh 96°)

2006 II

1          What is the location of measurement of the Indian Standard Time?

            (a) 72 ½ ° E     (b) 77 1/2° E    (c) 80° E          (d) 82 1/2° E  

2007 I

1          How can the International Date Line be explained in simple terms?

            (a) It is the equator      (b) It is the 180° longitude      (c) It is the 90° East longitude           

(d) It is the 0° longitude


2          Which one of the following is known as Great Circle?

            (a) Tropic of Cancer    (b) Tropic of Capricorn           (c) Equator      (d) Arctic Circle


2008 II

1          For which one of the following is Planimeter used?

            (a) To know the surface area on the map                    (b) To know the distance on a map

            (c) To know the direction on a map                            (d) To know the height of places on a map


2                    Which one of the following statement is NOT correct?

(a)    All meridians run in a true north-south direction 

(b)   Meridians are spaced farthest apart at the equator and converge to common points at the poles.

(c)    All meridians are always parallel to one another.

(d)   An indefinite number of meridians may be drawn on a globe.

2009 I

1          Which one of the following longitudes determines the Indian Standard Time?

            (a) 85.5° E       (b) 86.5° E       (c) 84.5° E       (d) 82.5° E

2010 I

1          The time at Cairo is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich. Hence it is located at

            (a) 30° W longitude    (b) 30° E longitude     (c) 28° E longitude      (d) 28° W longitude

2011 I

1          South Pacific island nation Samoa positioned to the east of International Date Line in May 2011 decided to forgo a day and shift to the time zone on its west. The reason for this shifting is to

            (a) facilitate smooth internal administration throughout the country

            (b) attain political stability in the country

            (c) facilitate trade with Australia and New Zealand

            (d) promote tourism industry in the country


2          How many kilometers are represented by 1° of latitude?

            (a) 321 Km      (b) 211 Km      (c) 111 Km      (d) 91 Km


3          When we consider 15° meridian on a world map or globe and count them in an eastward direction starting with Greenwich meridian (0°), we find that the time of this meridian is

            (a) same as Greenwich            (b) one hour fast                      (c) one hour slow                    (d) 12 hours fast


4          The thermal equator is found

            (a) at the equator                     (b) south of the geographical equator (c) north of the geographical equator 

            (d) at the tropic of cancer

2012 I

1          The imaginary line on the Earth’s surface that closely follows the 180 degrees meridian is

Prime Meridian           (b)Equator       (c) International date line                    (d) Tropic of cancer


2          If  news is broadcast from London at 10:30 AM, at what time it will be heard at Baghdad (45 degrees East)?

7:30 AM          (b) 9 AM         (c)1:30 PM      (d) 12 Noon


3                    The distance between two consecutive longitudes (91° E and 92° E) at the Poles is

(a) 0 KM         (b) 18 KM       (c) 25 KM       (d) 111KM

2012 II

1          Which one among the following statements about the International Date Line is NOT correct?

(a)    The International Date Line is largely based on the 180° meridian

(b)   The difference in time between the places just either side of the International Date Line is almost one day

(c) The difference in time to the extent of one day on either side of the International Date Line is caused by inclined axis of the earth

            (d) The International Date Line mostly passes through the Pacific Ocean


2          If the time of a place located on 165° E meridian is 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, what would be the time at the place located on 165°W meridian?

            (a) 11: 00 p.m. on Sunday                   (b) 12: 00 noon on Sunday                 (c) 1: 00 a. m. on Sunday       

(d) 11:00 p. m. on Saturday

2013 II

1          The humidity of air measured in percentage is called:

            (a) absolute humidity  (b) specific humidity   (c) relative humidity    (d) all of the above

2014 II

1          Arrange the following features formed by rivers in its course starting from upstream:

            1 Meanders     2 Falls              3 Delta                        4 Oxbow lake

            Select the correct answer using the code given below:

            (a) 2-1-3-4       (b) 2-1-4-3       (c) 1-2-3-4       (d) 1-4-2-3

2015 I

1          Consider the contour plot given below:


The above contours of an area indicate several relief features. Which one among the following relief features is NOT depicted here?

(a) Steep slope             (b) River valley                       (c) Conical hill             (d) Gentle slope


2          If 82° 30’ east longitude (Allahabad) shows 6:00 am of Sunday (local time), what would be the local time of Florida (USA) located on the 82° west longitude?

            (a) 6:58 pm of Saturday                      (b) 7:02 pm of Sunday            (c) 6:58 am of Sunday            (d) 7:02 pm of Saturday



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