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Previous Year Questions of CDSE on Climate Classification

SSBInsights Team
10 Nov 2017


1996 II

1                    Assertion A  Absolute humidity generally declines from the equator towards the pole

Reason R      On a hot summer day air can hold much more moisture than it would on a cold winter day

(a)        (b)        (c)        (d)

1997 I

1                    Along which one of the following latitudes is the relative humidity the highest?

(a) 30° N         (b) 30° S          (c) 70° N         (d) 70° S

1997 II

1          Assertion A  Areas near the equator receive rainfall throughout the year.

Reason R      High temperature and high humidity cause convection rains in most afternoons throughout the year

(a)        (b)        (c)        (d)

1999 II

1          Consider the following statements associated with Mediterranean climate:

1                    It is so named because it occurs extensively in the periphery of Mediterranean sea

2                    These land are exposed to hot, dry, land winds during the summer months

3                    The seasonal range of temperatures is considerably less than that in other areas of corresponding latitudes

              Which one of these statements are correct?

(a) 1, 2 and 3   (b) 1 and 2       (c) 2 and 3       (d) 1 and 3


2          Consider the following statements:

            1  In the equatorial region the relative humidity is very high compared to the other regions

            2  Relative humidity is increased by the lowering of temperatures

            Which of these statements is/are correct?

            (a) 1 only         (b) 2 only         (c) both 1 and 2           (d) neither 1 nor 2

2001 II

1          Assertion A Wine making is an important activity in the region with Mediterranean climate

            Reason R      Inhabitants of these regions provide ready market for the wine so produced

            (a)        (b)        (c)        (d)


2          Assertion A Relative humidity decreases with falling temperature with the amount of moisture remaining constant

            Reason R      Fall in temperature leads to lowering of moisture holding capacity of the atmosphere

            (a)        (b)        (c)        (d)

2002 I

1          Which of the following characteristics is NOT found in the convectional rainfall?

            (a) Drizzling    (b) Lightning and thunder                  (c) Torrential rain                   

(d) Afternoon rain

2002 II

1          Identify name of grassland marked on the map

2003 I

1          Consider the following statements with reference to rainy tropical climate region:

            1 These usually extend not more than five to ten degrees on either side of the equator

            2 These are characterised by constant high temperature and humidity with little range

            3 These regions have an overhead or nearly so throughout the year

            Which of these statements are correct?

            (a) 1, 2 and 3   (b) 1 and 2       (c) 2 and 3       (d) 1 and 3       

2003 II

1          Identify climatic regions in the world map

2004 I

1          Assertion A Mediterranean type of climate experiences winter rainfall

Reason R Winter rainfall is brought about by the cooling of the region

(a)        (b)        (c)        (d)


2          Identify on map climatic zone


3          Consider the following statements

            1          In the equatorial region the relative humidity is very high compared to other regions

            2          Relative humidity is increased by the lowering of temperature

            Which of these statements is/are correct?

            (a) 1 only         (b) 2 only         (c) both 1 and 2                       (d) neither 1 nor 2


4          Which one of the following factors is not a determining factor of the climate?

            (a) Latitude     (b) Longitude              (c) Land and sea contrast                    (d) Relief features


5          Which one of the following is the cloud that is dark-gray or black, found at very low heights and brings the real rain?

            (a) Altocumulus                      (b) Cirrus         (c) Cirrostratus                        (d) Nimbostratus                                

2005 I

1          Consider the following statements:

            I           The atmospheric pressure is more at the poles as compared to the equator

            II         The annual range of temperature is more at the equator as compared to the poles.

            Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

            (a) I only         (b) II only        (c) both I and II                      (d) neither I nor II

            (Since cold air is dense, there is usually a high-pressure zone at the poles)

2011 II

1          Which one among the following is NOT an important factor of climate of an area?

            (a) Latitude     (b) Longitude  (c) Altitude     (d) Distance from the sea


2          Climate change resulting in the rise of temperature may benefit which of the countries/regions?

(a) South Africa                      (b) East Indies islands             (c) The western coasts of South America      

(d) Russia and Northern Europe

2012 I

1          What is a cloudburst?

            (a) It refers to a sudden and copious rainfall over a small area which often lasts only for a few minutes.

            (b) It refers to 50mm rains over a period of time

            (c) It is caused by rapid condensation of very high clouds

            (d) It refers to a thunder storm with little rains


2          Xerophytes represent the class of vegetation found in

            (a) tropical rainforest   (b) humid micro-thermal climate         (c) semi-arid steppe     (d) tundra region

2014 I

1          The vegetation type characterized by

            (i) a large expanse of grassland with scattered trees and shrubs

            (ii) lying between Tropical rainforest and tropical steppes and deserts

            (iii) flat-topped trees

            is called

            (a) mid-latitude broad leaf mixed forest         (b) temperate rain forest                      (c) tropical savanna    

            (d) mid-latitude grassland

2014 II

1          The technique of inducing rain from cloud is called

            (a) Cloud computing   (b) Cloud control                    (c) Cloud engineering (d) Cloud seeding


2          Collision- coalescence process of precipitation is applicable to

            (a) Clouds which extend beyond freezing level         (b) Those clouds which do not extend beyond freezing level

            (c) All types of clouds                                                (d) Cumulonimbus clouds


3          Statement I  The Atacama is the driest among the deserts of the world

            Statement II The aridity of Atacama is explained by its location between two mountain chains of sufficient height to          prevent moisture advection from either Pacific or Atlantic oceans

            (a)        (b)        (c)        (d)

2015 II

1          Match List I (Climate) with List II (Characteristics) and select the correct answer using the codes given below:

                        List I                           ListII

            A  Mediteranean                                 1  Temperature cycle is moderated by marine influence

            B  Marine west coast             2  Warm summers and cold winters with three months below freezing. Very large                                                    annual temperature range

            C Dry mid-latitude                 3  Strong temperature cycle with large annual range. Warm summers to hot and cold                                                     winters to very cold

            D  Moist Continental              4  Temperature range is moderate with warm to hot summers and mild winters

Codes  A         B         C         D 

(a)        2          1          3          4

(b)        2          3          1          4

(c)        4          3          1          2

            (d)       4          1          3          2         



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